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toenail cutting
Claire & Matthew Bland

Matthew and Claire are a husband and wife team who run three well established clinics in Essex, New Century Clinic in Laindon, Lampits Hill Clinic in Corringham and Rochford Podiatry Clinic in Rochford.

They are keenly involved in the profession having been the founders of their local branch where Matthew also holds the position of Chairman.

The South Essex Branch organises training courses for College members in Essex and Matthew is involved with the College at a national level.

They pride themselves in running all three clinics with a family friendly atmosphere which helps put patients at ease. They are supported by excellent receptionists and three dedicated associates. 

Bland Award

Chiropody/Podiatry - What's the difference?

Actually - NONE!

Nowadays chiropody seems to be used to describe the 'routine' care of feet, such as toenail cutting, corns and calluses. 

The College of Podiatry expanded their expertise and training to include nail surgery, prescribing rights, bio -mechanics and post graduate studies in foot surgery (podiatric surgeon). 

Therefore chiropodists with these extra skill sets were using the updated title of 'Podiatrist' however they still cover all routine foot care as well.

Matthew and Claire outside New Century Clinic after winning the 'Best of Basildon Award'


Advanced Technologies

Shockwave Therapy - Heel Pain treatment

For those with Plantar Fasciitis/heel pain. 

Great success rate, non invasive treatment. 

Swift -

Microwave therapy for the treatment of those stubborn verruca's that just won't budge. 

Clearanail -
Fungal nail

A fast, safe and effective method for treating Onychomycosis,

(fungal nails).


A service we provide for those with

unsightly toenails. 

Online Consultation

This is a service we provide to enable the public to get access to advice in order to ascertain whether an appointment is necessary. Photos and videos are welcome.

It is not designed for entering into a lengthy dialogue.

Patients will be given brief information on the presenting condition to the best of the practitioner’s ability within the scope of this limited facility.

We must emphasise that the information given through this service is for guidance only and the practitioner cannot accept any liability.


For all enquiries please email and a podiatrist/member of staff will get back to you as soon as possible.

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