Advanced Technology

Swift - Microwave Therapy for Verruca

Swift is a new technology, developed in the UK, which has been licensed for the general treatment of skin lesions in Podiatry and Dermatology. Swift uses microwave energy which is delivered through a special probe applied to the skin to treat the affected tissue.

  • Breakthrough Treatment -  The same technology that has been used in the fight against cancer since the 1970's has been brought to the fields of Podiatry & Dermatology in this pioneering treatment. 

  • Quick Treatment - Swift treatment lasts no longer than 2 secs each dose.

  • Clean Treatment - No smoke, no smell, there is not normally any requirement for anaesthetic nor do patients usually require post-procedural dressings.

Swift delivers a precise, highly controlled energy dose. As microwaves travel into the tissue, water molecules begin colliding and creating localised heat energy – quickly destroying all infected tissue within a predetermined depth. In just seconds the treatment is complete and the healing cascade begins immediately. Treated tissue is quickly replaced, repaired and regenerated.



  1. Does it hurt? Like many treatments for skin lesions, some discomfort may be experienced. Before treatment your Podiatrist or Dermatologist may decide to debride the lesion.  Pain levels vary from person to person but most people undergoing Swift liken it to a pain similar to an injection or a scratch, lasting 2 - 3 seconds then quickly subsiding. Only in rare cases is there any prologed pain.  

  2. What can I do after treatment? In some cases the treated area may feel sore but will not usually prevent you undertaking normal daily activities. 

  3. How many treatments will I need? This is dependent on how you respond to treatment. In some cases, you may need more than one treatment, these can be 4 weeks apart depending on the response.

  4. Can anyone receive this treatment? With a few exceptions, most people with skin lesions would be able to have this treatment. Swift is not recommended for use on diabetic patients, patients with implanted electronic devices or electrodes or for use close to metallic objects (i.e. metal foot implants, jewellery etc)

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Clearanail - Fungal Treatment for Nails

Clearanail finally allows us to offer our patients a fast safe and effective method for treating Onychomycosis (fungal nails).

Fungal nail is the same infection as Athletes foot, but under the nail. Once the infection gets into the nail root, topical solutions cannot reach it. Pills work for less than 4 out of 10 patients and carry significant risk to the liver. Although much safer, topical solutions cannot penetrate the nail plate easily.


Our treatment is based upon Controlled Micro Penetration (CMP) technology. The device is computer controlled and is completely safe, painless and quick. It produces micro holes through the nail without touching the skin beneath. The holes allow the topical solution to reach the infection and are just 0.4mm in diameter.

After 10 weeks


  1. Does it hurt? No, you usually won’t feel anything. The device is computer controlled to ensure that it does not damage the nail bed,

  2. How many treatments are required? The Podiatrist will only need to make the holes once, but will want to see you another one or two times to ensure that the treatment is successful.

  3. How is the antifungal solution applied? This depends upon what treatment your Podiatrist recommends, but Lamisil Spray is often recommended, to be sprayed onto the nail daily.

  4. How quickly will it work? A visible improvement will usually be seen in the nail in just 2-8 weeks.

  5. How long is the treatment period? The spray may be applied for up to three months.

Toenail Reconstruction

We are pleased to offer a new service to those patients who present with unsightly toe nails. This service is suitable for damaged nails, fungal infected nails, psoriatic nails and nails that have re-growths after surgery. It is suitable for some diabetic patients.


The prosthetic nail is constructed from a tough but extremely flexible gel therefore suitable in footwear. It is non-porous and so the patient can shower and swim.

The nail can be cut like a normal nail and can also be varnished.


The new nail can last up to 9 months, however normally we advise replacement at 3 months. This will vary according to the condition of the presenting nail, the life style of the patient and the care taken by the patient.


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