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Meet the Team

Mrs. Claire Bland  (D.Pod.M, M.R.C.Pod)

Claire Bland

I qualified in 1985 at Huddersfield University. My first post was for Barking, Havering and Brentwood NHS followed by Southend NHS.

At this point I started in private practice whilst bringing up my 2 children. Private practice became a full time occupation when my husband joined me and we built New Century Clinic.

I especially enjoy the general running and organising of the clinics and nail surgery.

Works at New Century Clinic.

Mr. Matthew Bland  (BSc Hons, M.R.C.Pod)

Matthew Bland

My first career was in engineering however wanting a better quality of home life I decided to retrain and become a Podiatrist. I graduated from The London Foot Hospital, part of UCL, in 1998. From there I went straight into private practice utilising my engineering skills in the field of biomechanics. I manufacture orthotics and this has enabled me to gain consultant referrals.

Works at New Century Clinic, Lampits Hill Clinic & Rochford Podiatry Clinic.

Miss Maria fe de Juan Velasco  (BSc, M.R.C.Pod)

Maria Velasco

Originally from Spain, I trained as a nurse and continued to follow this career after moving to England. I decided on a career change to podiatry and qualified in 2003 at the University of London. At present I work in both the NHS and private sector, dealing with high risk patients. I am involved in clinic based work, hospital visits and treating the house bound.

Works at Rochford Podiatry Clinic & carries out home visits.

Mr Jack Kirby (BSc Hons, M.R.C.Pod)

Jack Kirby

I graduated from the University of Brighton with a 1st class honours degree having always known I wanted to pursue a career in healthcare.
My special interests lie with sports injuries and bio-mechanics due to my background in sport. I play football for my local town and am a keen golfer. I have spent time studying pressure analysis of the feet as the golfer swings.
In 2015 I formed part of the medical team for the London and Brighton Marathon. This involved caring for the feet after the gruelling distance, assessing and treating runners.While maintaining this core interest, I enjoy providing general podiatric care, which includes toe nail reconstruction and nail surgery.

Works at Lampits Hill Clinic & Rochford Podiatry Clinic.

Miss Emily Manby (BSc Hons, M.R.C Pod)

Emily Manby

I graduated with a BSc Honours degree in Podiatry from the University of Brighton in 2021.

From early teens I knew I wanted a career in the healthcare sector where I could participate in the improvement of individuals health and well-being. 

I have been fortunate enough to start work in the private sector and I enjoy developing and furthering my knowledge of general podiatric skills.

I have taken on the responsibility of clinics, home visits, hospital and care homes. 

I have a keen interest in biomechanics as I feel many podiatric pathologies are a result of biomechanical issues.

Works at New Century Clinic and Lampits Hill Clinic and carries out home visits.

Mrs Clare Westwood-Surridge (BSc MSc, M.R.C Pod)

Clare Westwood-Surridge

My podiatry career began in 2011 when I graduated from the University of Brighton with a first class honours degree and later completed an MSc in Podiatry with Clinical Biomechanics.

I have worked privately and for the NHS within Mid Essex since qualifying. My 12 years working for the NHS has allowed me to gain expertise in caring for patients with complex medical problems and foot ulcerations, and I have developed extensive vascular and diabetic foot assessment skills.
I have recently completed training in acupuncture which allows me to use this as a complementary therapy to assist in the treatment of foot pain.
I also enjoy routine podiatric care and nail surgery.

Works at Rochford Podiatry Clinic & Lampits Hill Clinic.

Mrs Joanna Tubbs (BSc Hons, M.R.C.Pod)


My first career was in organising events but following a period of recovery after breaking my ankle in 2018 I decided to embark on a career change to podiatry. 

I qualified with a 1st class honours degree from the University of East London and divide my time between working for the NHS in Southend, private work here at Essex Podiatry in Rochford and clinical educating at the University of East London, teaching the next generation of podiatrists.

My particular interests within podiatry are the ‘high risk foot’ and the neurological and vascular impact of diabetes along with dermatology and my favourite aspect of podiatry is being able to have an immediate positive impact on a patient’s daily life.

Works at Rochford Podiatry Clinic.

Mrs Julie Brennan-Gracie (BSc Hons, M.R.C.Pod)


I initially entered the healthcare sector 25 years ago as an orthodontic dental nurse for the NHS, wanting to expand my scope of practice I decided to change my career and this transferrable skill set enabled me to pursue an exciting and diverse profession in Podiatry. I graduated with a BSc  Honours in Podiatry from the University of East London and currently divide my time as a Specialist podiatrist for the NHS and private treatment at Essex Podiatry. Working for a diabetes foot protection service presents daily complex medical challenges thus enabling me to continue professional development and treat all patient's routine and high-risk holistically. I enjoy yoga and swimming and feel this has a positive impact on my mental and physical health.

Works at New Century Clinic & Lampits Hill Clinic.

Mrs Tanya Archer (Podiatry Assistant)

Tanya Archer

My training has involved practical work and theory. Subjects studied include anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, microbiology, histology, dermatology, medicine and nail pathologies. As a podiatry assistant I am able to treat ‘at risk’ patients which include diabetics and patients on warfarin.

I work with a podiatrist so I am able to refer on should the patient present with a problem outside of my scope of practice.

Works at New Century Clinic & Lampits Hill Clinic.

Miss Cara Finnegan (Foot Health Practitioner)

Cara Finnegan

I have been working in the NHS for 9 years as a Qualified Assistant Practitioner, supporting Specialist Podiatrists in the treatment of the high-risk foot.

This role led me to further my knowledge and pursue further qualifications later qualifying as a foot health professional.

This role enables me to offer routine foot care independently, which I love, so I’m very excited to join the team at Essex Podiatry and I look forward to meeting you all.

Works at Rochford Podiatry Clinic.

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