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Advanced Technology

LCN - Toenail Reconstruction

We are pleased to offer a new service to those patients who present with unsightly toe nails. This service is suitable for damaged nails, fungal infected nails, psoriatic nails and nails that have re-growths after surgery. It is suitable for some diabetic patients.


The prosthetic nail is constructed from a tough but extremely flexible gel therefore suitable in footwear. It is non-porous and so the patient can shower and swim.

The nail can be cut like a normal nail and can also be varnished.


The new nail can last up to 9 months, however normally we advise replacement at 3 months. This will vary according to the condition of the presenting nail, the life style of the patient and the care taken by the patient.

Toenail Reconstruction before
Toenail Reconstruction After
Toenail reconstruction before
Toenail reconstruction after
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