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Our History

Claire Bland (nee Munkenbeck) qualified from Huddersfield University in 1985. Initially, she worked for Barking, Havering and Brentwood Health Authority for 2 years and then moved onto Southend Health Authority. Whilst working part time for Southend, Claire started a visiting practice. At this time she was accompanied by her new baby daughter. She covered the Benfleet and Basildon areas.

In 1998 the visiting practice was moved to premises in Benfleet which was then sold 1 year later. It was here that the practice thrived until a decision to become a full time chiropodist or to take on a partner had to be made. A second child, a son, had now joined the family. At this time, Matthew was a European manager for a computer company. Conversations had often drifted into amusing discussions about Matthew retraining as a chiropodist but now it was becoming a more serious option.

In 1998, Matthew qualified from the London Foot Hospital as a chiropodist. Having 2 chiropodists working from home was not ideal and the decision to build a purpose built clinic was made.

On March 20th 2000, New Century Clinic was opened. The building of this clinic was made so much easier with the help of extremely good family and friends. To whom we are forever grateful. (See below for photos of the clinic being built).

During this time Matthew had taken on work as a chiropodist in Hockley. This practice was situated within a health food shop.

In order to be able to offer the best possible services to patients Claire and Matthew wanted both practices to become accredited. This was easily achieved with New Century Clinic as it had been designed by them, however the Hockley Practice needed to be moved to more suitable premises. This was achieved in 2007.

In 2017 Claire and Matthew purchased the Lampits Hill clinic in Corringham due to a colleague retiring. This is now their third practice in Essex.

Having the three clinics has given them the scale to invest in high technology equipment such as Swift (microwave therapy for Verruca) and Clearanail (fungal treatment for nails).

All three practices continue to grow and are supported by excellent receptionists and associates. The service offered is a friendly and sensitive one usually with a lot of added humour!

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