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Routine Appointment 

Routine appointments are mainly for general podiatric issues. These can include: -

  • Hard skin/cracked heels

  • Corns & calluses 

  • Ingrowing toenails 

  • Fungal nails 

  • Sweaty feet

You can expect your appointment to last around 20 minutes. New patients should bring a list of medication with them, as we will discuss your general medical history. We treat children and also diabetic patients as well. Normally your 1st appointment is charged at the rate of a routine appointment. 

Our podiatrists are also qualified to administer local anaesthetic at an extra charge, if you feel y0u may need this. 

The podiatrist will recommend the best options for you and how often you will need to return, if at all. 

Verruca Treatment

We have three different treatments for Verruca. These are: -

  • Acid treatment

  • Cryo-Therapy (freezing technique) 

  • Swift (microwave technology)

Acid treatment is a weekly treatment and you cannot get the dressing wet. The acid we use is stronger than what you would be able to pick up at your local chemist/pharmacy.

Cryo-Therapy is a monthly treatment and has no dressing. Liquid nitrogen is not available to the general public in any form, therefore this is stronger than anything you could pick up in your local chemist/pharmacy.


Swift is the latest technology in the fight against Verruca's. You can find out more information regarding this treatment here.

Shockwave Therapy

Shockwave Therapy is for chronic Plantar Fasciitis/heel pain and other foot pain treatment. 

It works by spreading shock waves through the impaired tissue, which then stimulates cells which are responsible for tissue reparation and after the tissue regenerates and heals. 

It has a great success rate, and is a non invasive alternative to surgery. 

Toenail Surgery 

We offer this service if you want to permanently remove any ingrowing toenails.

Here are some main points about the surgery: -

  • Carried out under local anaesthetic

  • Healing takes between 4-6 weeks (sometimes longer depending on the patient)

  • You will need to come back for weekly re-dressings

This process involves the taking out of the side of the troubled nail(s) and putting a chemical in to stop any re-growth. This is a simple procedure carried out under local anaesthetic. We ask that someone else drives you back from your appointment as the anaesthetic won't wear off for a few hours and this can invalidate your insurance. 

Toenail Cutting 

We run a toenail cutting clinic with our Podiatry Assistant in two of our clinics (New Century Clinic & Lampits Hill Clinic)

This service is for anyone who only needs/wants their toenails cut. 

You can expect your appointment to last 10 minutes and if you are a new patient, please bring a list of any medication with you, as we will briefly discuss your general medical history. If there are any issues the Podiatry Assistant feels you have, they will recommend you to see one of our Podiatrists at another date. 

Home Visits

We offer a home visiting service for the following areas: -

  • Laindon/Basildon

  • Billericay

  • Corringham/St-Le-Hope

  • Grays/Tilbury

  • Other surrounding areas

If you are unable to make it into the clinic or would just prefer a home visit we can send one of our Podiatrists/Podiatry Assistants out to you. 

Fungal Nails

If you think you may have fungal nails, we offer a test we can carry out at an extra cost that will give you results in 5 minutes. This test has a 95% accuracy rate.

Depending on the conversation you have with the Podiatrist and your personal thoughts the treatments we can offer are a nail paint to apply to the nail or we offer the latest in technology, Clearanail

We do also offer toenail reconstruction for the unsightly toenail. This involves us using a flexible but very tough gel, which is built up on the natural nail. This can then be treated just like a natural nail and can be cut or painted. 

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